Spring 2019 YO Magazine Staff

 Dear Readers,

The Spring 2019 edition of YO Magazine is dedicated to the contributors of the latest edition for both our online and print publications, who contributed their time for no pay. Their backgrounds and majors are various, but all involved had a similar goal of sharing personal experiences and the experiences of other to promote different topics and viewpoints pertaining to Youngstown.

Journey through the magazine with the writers as your tour guides. Allow them to clear the path for better understanding the city’s past and present. Maneuver through the pages, and find tales of people, who once called Youngstown home, on their own journey outside city limits. Intently observe issues regarding race, gender and nearly unbreakable habits. Push through until the end to find celebration camaraderie.

When your journey is through, we hope the experience led you to ponder and grow. And hopefully, you will want to take this journey again soon!

-Frances Clause/John Stran



Writers:                                                                     Design Editor:                                                    Adviser:

Kelly Baer                                                                  Sarah Dooley                                                      Shelley Blundell

Carolyn Carradero                                                   Photographers:                                                  Acknowledgements:

Abigail Cloutier                                                        Dom Fonce                                                         CCAC

Aaron Graneto                                                          Matthew Parrish

Chris McBride                                                          Copy Editor:

Marah Morrison                                                       Robin Stears

Madison Nalbach                                                     Poetry:

Mac Pomeroy                                                            Rachael Moore