Image features a from-the-road photograph of the Rescue Mission building in Youngstown, Ohio, featured in the story Youngstown Rescue Mission's Intricate Ties to YSU, by Tyler Rothbauer.
Fall 2017 Stories

Youngstown Rescue Mission’s Intricate Ties to YSU

By Tyler Rothbauer YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio: The Youngstown Rescue Mission plays a substantial part in the process of re-creating the city of Youngstown. Year after year, more meals are being served, more beds are being occupied and more lives are being changed. Volunteer quantity determines how effective the Rescue Mission is able to be. Brad Weber, […]

Fall 2017 Stories

An Opinion of YSU Journalism

By Tyler McVicker When starting this report, I had a bit of an axe to grind with YSU’s Journalism department, and school in general. Although time has taught me that this is never a way to go into a story, I unfortunately still was quite bitter. Personally, I have not had a great history with […]

Fall 2017 Stories

The Story Of Brittany Bissell

By Emily Frazzini YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio: It’s a crisp, fall Friday night. Fans are in the stands covered in blankets, and you can hear the roar of school spirit among the crowd. The scoreboard buzzes with excitement as a football team takes the win. You rush home to turn on your television to 21 WFMJ to […]