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Featured image courtesy of Jordan Unger. By Ian Frantz This year marks the 10-year anniversary of The YO Magazine, which has highlighted some of the personalities who inhabit Youngstown over the years. In its earliest days, The YO showcased profiles on activist Phil Kidd and artists Bob Barko Jr. and Ray Simon. The articles featured […]

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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: It’s a Federal Frenzy!

Featured image photo by Michael Marado by Michael Marado Lovers of live music and art, keep your ears to the ground. Youngstown’s favorite festival is back and better than ever! The fourth annual Federal Frenzy festival was held Saturday, April 21. For the uninitiated, Federal Frenzy is a local music and arts festival located right […]

Spring 2018 Stories The City

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Youngstown Still Considered a ‘Food Desert’

By Tyler Rothbauer To many who live here, Youngstown’s classification as a ‘food desert’ is not a new revelation. A common issue for impoverished areas, a food desert is defined by the American Nutrition Association as “[a part] of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods … due to a […]

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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Six ‘Hidden’ Places on YSU’s Campus

By Tyler Rothbauer Each profile in this story details a ‘hidden place’ on the campus of Youngstown State University. Although some of these locations are in plain sight, the ‘hidden’ aspects are detailed in the story below. Archives and Special Collections, Maag Library Maag Library is named after the late William F. Maag Jr. Maag […]