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YSU Student Counseling Services offers mental health support

By Leslie Huff

With COVID-19 restrictions waning and the resurgence of socialization, many college students may find themselves struggling with social anxiety, self-esteem issues and communication challenges.

At  Youngstown State University, Student Counseling Services provides students with resources and educational opportunities that may help them rediscover themselves and reach healthier and happier states of well-being.

“Counseling provides students with the opportunity to develop and practice skills,” Anne Lally, clinical director of Student Counseling, said.

“Through counseling, you can learn good self-care, relaxation strategies, how to challenge negative thinking and develop meaningful strategies to manage anxiety,” Lally said.

The global effects of COVID-19 altered the lifestyle of thousands of people. According to the results of a research study published in an article in the International Journal of Public Health, the longer people are isolated or confined to one space, the greater the negative effects are on their mental health.

To help offset some of these challenges, YSU Student Counseling Services offered “Step Out of Social Anxiety,” a four-week workshop series starting March 30 that advised attendees on ways to subdue their feelings of anxiousness in social settings by examining the ways social anxiety affects their daily lives.

YSU Student Counseling Services hosted four weekly support group workshops as a part of this series, the first of which was titled “Gratitude- Finding Meaning and Thriving.” At this workshop, attendees were able to learn useful skills and practices to help them experience calmness, positivity and hopefulness and that will help them work toward restoring their emotional well-being.

For more information on YSU Student Counseling Services, the  “Step Out of Social Anxiety” series and other mental health and wellness educational offerings or support services, visit their website at  https://ysu.edu/student-counseling-services,  or call (330)941-3737.